Emmy Kegler

a messy first Christmas

One of my favorite things right now is dwelling in the messiness of the first Christmas.

Custom Infographics for Christ the King and Advent

I’ve created infographics about Christ the King and Advent for Facebook and Instagram free for any church or leader to re-share from my channel onto their own social media. I’m also offering paid customization options!

A Litany for Matthew 5:21-37: “Once We Were Told”

This is a call and response interpretation of Matthew 5:21-37. It could be used as a response to the sermon or even in place of it, to continue to affirm for the faithful and curious that God works in us for liberation, not for shame.

Rules about chocolate: a sermon on insults, abuse, and lies

first preached in 2014; revised in 2017 and 2023 Object Lesson (kids’ names changed for privacy) One of our kids, John, got to open a small box. Inside: heart-shaped milk chocolates, foil wrapped. “Today,” I explained, “we’re going to talk about rules for chocolate.” Jane, whose mother has diagnosed her with “chronic cuteness syndrome,” narrowed her …

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Family Plans: a poem for the longest night

I want it known I had a plan.
And this — this was not the plan.
The plan was small and simple and concrete: 
a good life, a righteous life, a quiet life.
Now the plan is seven pounds of impossible weight 
and screaming.

A Blue-Collar Kind of Guy

Mary gets top billing, and Advent is blue for her robe. But I think Advent could just as well be blue for Joseph. We dress him in browns, in most nativity scenes, but he’s a blue collar kind of guy, really.

Polly: The Problem Donkey

Polly was a problem donkey. Now, all donkeys can be a problem from time to time. They don’t like to be told what to do, or bossed around, or ridden when they aren’t ready. But most donkeys, if you earn their trust and feed them well, will help you do your chores. Everyone in the …

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