How the Grinch Learned the Magnificat

a Christmas parody to celebrate Luke 1:46-55by Pastor Emmy Kegler There are hundreds of carols we sing every year,filling the season when Christmas draws near.These hymns are familiar and loved very dear,And we sing loud and proud about midnights so clear. But some songs get forgotten in the midst of the season,Songs that have beenContinue reading “How the Grinch Learned the Magnificat”

Rules about chocolate: a sermon on insults, abuse, and lies

Object Lesson (kids’ names changed for privacy) One of our kids, John, got to open a small box. Inside: heart-shaped milk chocolates, foil wrapped. “Today,” I explained, “we’re going to talk about rules for chocolate.” Jane, whose mother has diagnosed her with “chronic cuteness syndrome,” narrowed her eyes and pouted in an exceptional ham-it-up moment. “RulesContinue reading “Rules about chocolate: a sermon on insults, abuse, and lies”