Custom Infographics for Christ the King and Advent

Hi friends! Trying out something new as I move through my non-active-pastoring season of life: content creation. I’ve created infographics about Christ the King and Advent for Facebook and Instagram free for any church or leader to re-share from my channel onto their own social media:

* Facebook post for Christ the King
* Facebook post for Advent
* Instagram post for Christ the King
* Instagram post for Advent

However, I’m also offering paid customization options!

1. You can purchase access to the infographic designs and make your own changes (add your church’s @ or website, change fonts or colors, etc) for Christ the King / Reign of Christ (both options are included) or for Advent (all infographics available in blue or purple). You’ll have immediate access to make whatever changes you want.

2. If customizing it yourself is daunting, I’m also offering a limited number of customized Advent graphics where you tell me what you want to change and I do it! That can include:

* your church’s Facebook / Instagram / website 
* your church’s logo 
* different fonts or colors that match your church’s theme 
* changes to the text specific to your church
* an additional infographic with your church’s Advent/Christmas events 
* an addition to the “Advent daily practices” graphic featuring your church’s particular practices (all reading the same devotion, praying at the same time each day, etc.)

If you choose this option, I’ll have the updated infographics to you within 48 hours after purchase.

When you or I have customized the images, you’re free to upload them directly to your church’s social media channels, rather than sharing from mine. That means if someone else shares them from your channel, it’ll link back to you! And you can add your own “social copy” – the words in the post itself – from “An Advent 101” to something specific to your church or context.

The original infographics will remain free to share directly from my Facebook or Instagram.

If this goes well – meaning if there’s positive response and if I’m having fun doing it – I’ve got more infographics planned about Santa Claus and about the 12 days of Christmas!

Thanks for following along in my journey, and thank you especially to all church leaders as the Advent and Christmas seasons approach – you do incredible work and we are all the better for it.