Podcast Appearances

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Broadening the Narrative, “Moving Towards Greater Cosmic Wholeness with Emmy Kegler,” October 5, 2021

Her Story Speaks, “Kids, Purity Culture, & Consent,” August 26, 2021

Faith Healing, “#Unblessed: Prosperity Gospel and Poverty,” October 14, 2020

Love Rinse Repeat, “Reading the Bible with Melissa Florer-Bixler and Emmy Kegler,” April 2, 2020

3rd Tuesday Conversation, “Episode 18: Are You an Ally That Helps or Hurts? with Emmy Kegler,” January 21, 2020

A People’s Theology, “Emmy Kegler: Theology from the Margins,” December 25, 2019

Sandbox Cooperative, “Episode 94 | One Coin Found“, December 4, 2019

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Making Room on the Pew, “Rev. Emmy Kegler is a Seeker of Lost Coins,” March 27, 2019

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