Emmy Kegler

Pastor. Doodler. Seeker of lost coins.

One Coin Found

“Reading One Coin Found was like hearing the Gospel for the first time all over again and remembering just why this story is so glorious. For those who are the lost coin, the prodigal son, or the lost sheep, Emmy is the pastor you deserved all along and just wait, you’re about to learn what it really means to be fully found.” – Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist





A servant-hearted church in Northeast Minneapolis, with a long history of feeding the hungry and caring for the neighbor.

Info Sermon Podcast


A community of LGBTQIA+ Christians celebrating their affirmation and exploring how to re-connect with God, Scripture, and faith.

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A podcast for people who like Jesus … but aren’t too sure about his followers. With Nora McInerny and Natalia Terfa.


Queer Grace


Speaking & Writing

How to Ruin the Christmas Pageant

An exploration of the biblical Christmas stories

How the Grinch Learned the Magnificat

A Seussian Christmas Sermon

“Local pastor embraces life as a queer Christian”

Interview on Minnesota Public Radio with Kerri Miller

My Faith Makes Space For This

I wish it didn’t.

I Just Can’t Quit You, Church

For Bearings: Why One Millennial Chooses to Stay

Living Lutheran: Beyond the Rainbow Flag

Practices for directly and clearly welcoming the LGBT community in church

A Mothers’ Day Litany

A prayer for the many kinds of mothers & women

Queerology Episode 39

Guest appearance on the Queerology podcast

Breaking the Silence

Article for Living Lutheran on #ChurchToo

Rev Emmy Kegler is Trying to Convert Me

Guest appearance on the Tiny Revolution Podcast

Sermon: “A Sneaky God, Muddy Feet, and You”

Gay Christian Network Sunday Sermon 2016

Do you see this woman?

A preaching commentary on sexual assault

Forgotten Mothers of the Bible

Article for Sojourners on Mothers Day

The sound of sheer silence

A preaching commentary after the Pulse massacre

Unintended Consequences

Article for Sojourners on Lent, fasting, and disordered eating

Posts & Projects

Black for the Tomb

An alternative Easter jellybean poem

Room for Interpretation

A new vision of the beauty of Jesus across cultures

Spoke in the Wheel

Stickers of one of the great Bonhoeffer quotes

Walking the Passion

A guided reenactment of the last hours of Jesus’ life through local streets in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Interactive Alternative Worship

Crafting worship to break open the beauty of the stories of God

Queer Blue Christmas

Resources for navigating Christmas as an LGBTQ+ person