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Jellybean Easter Poem: Black for the Tomb

If you’re looking for an alternative jellybean poem for Easter, we used this last year at Grace Lutheran in Northeast Minneapolis. I grew up with the popular “Red is for the blood he gave” version, and I felt very uncertain about passing that on to the next generation. I wanted a poem that reflected the…
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A Mother’s Day Litany

We remember the mothers of our faith, the bearers of God’s story. We remember Eve, Naomi, the wife of Job, and Mary the mother of Jesus: women who buried their children, lives lost unbearably early. We mourn with you. May the God who mothers each of us be a source of life for you. We…
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Room for Interpretation

The Story I was remembering the poster my youth minister had in her office when I was growing up — multiple images of Jesus, with text that stated: “Welcome to a place that believes there’s still room for interpretation.” I’d always been fascinated by that poster, and now, twenty years later, I wanted a copy of…
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Sketchy Preaching: Craft of Preaching Workshop

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Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap, Theology Pub, Bible & Brew… the concept goes by many names.  I was first introduced to it as the Progressive Christian Fellowship, a loosely associated group of Olaf students who gathered on Tuesday evenings to drink tea and talk.  We leaders came with a question or a topic, and things spun off…
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