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Passion Walk

Twin Cities Passion Walk

The Twin Cities Passion Walk is a project that grew out of my gospels course at Luther Seminary and my own love for the diverse neighborhoods of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  These maps re-create the distances Jesus walked in his final hours, and invite participants to “walk with Jesus” and […]


Interactive Alternative Worship

HOW DO WE CRAFT WORSHIP THAT BREAKS OPEN THE BEAUTY OF THE STORIES OF GOD? How do we offer worship that is participatory but not intimidating? What do we want worshippers to “carry” with them throughout the week? What does soul-curating worship — liturgy that cares for the soul — look […]

This Week Today

Preacher’s Report: This Week Today

Pastors, have you ever been sailing through a Sunday morning only to be derailed by a parishioner’s mention of a national event you had no idea occurred? Sunday School teachers, have you been carefully molding both young minds AND homemade play-dough only to have a kid throw a question at […]


CrowdRise Fundraiser: Queer Grace Website

I realized I was gay when I was fourteen years old. I had the massive fortune to be born into a family and a congregation that loved me, but even in that safety net I could not miss the vitriol and violence committed against LGBTQ people by supposed “Christians.”  Trying […]


New Project: Interactive Alternative Worship

An update! Along with shelving books, writing curriculum, updating websites for a couple local nonprofits, causing trouble with my soul-brother Eric, and blogging about online dating, I have ALSO (my housemates say:  “can you slow down, please?!”) been working on a website called Interactive Alternative Worship. The vision behind IAW […]


Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap, Theology Pub, Bible & Brew… the concept goes by many names.  I was first introduced to it as the Progressive Christian Fellowship, a loosely associated group of Olaf students who gathered on Tuesday evenings to drink tea and talk.  We leaders came with a question or a […]


Twin Cities Passion Walk

Twin Cities Passion WalkFor years I had a dream of mapping out the final hours of Jesus’ life as a walk through my beloved city of Minneapolis — stopping at key points along the Minnehaha Parkway, for example, to read the story of the Passion. With a class on the […]


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Once upon a time, an amazing church in Denver, Colorado wanted to remind themselves that Christmas is about more than presents. They made this. from House for All Sinners and Saints in 2008 And I, a year or two later, stumbled upon it and fell in love with the idea. Last […]