Polly: The Problem Donkey

Polly was a problem donkey. Now, all donkeys can be a problem from time to time. They don’t like to be told what to do, or bossed around, or ridden when they aren’t ready. But most donkeys, if you earn their trust and feed them well, will help you do your chores. Everyone in the …

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“The Other Women”

Gabriel. When an angel stood in the Presence and heard the One speak, it was far less an audible experience and more an earthquake in the chest. If the angel had been made of things like flesh and bone, it would have been like the heart had split open and burst through the ribcage. Without …

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The Under-35 Theses

Brothers and Sisters, grace to you and peace from the Triune God. This month’s issue of The Lutheran, a monthly publication of our denomination (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), is set to publish a front page cover article by Charles Austin, called “Get set for clergy retirement wave.” Upon reading the article, we thought …

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