My faith makes space for this. I wish it didn’t.

My faith makes space for this. I wish it didn’t. I was seventeen, fresh out of the closet and out of the Assemblies of God, when the problem of unjust suffering was first proposed to me. Our AP Humanities teacher, Ms. Dahlin, had no qualms about running junior and senior high school minds right intoContinue reading “My faith makes space for this. I wish it didn’t.”

A Holiday for the Suffering:  Today’s Nativity

At the heart of the Christmas story is a story of God’s total embodiment into suffering.  God was not born into grandeur and palaces, but to an unwed teenage mother sleeping in a stable and fleeing a murderous king.  Christmas, at its core, is a holiday for the suffering. No Place For Them In thoseContinue reading “A Holiday for the Suffering:  Today’s Nativity”

The Under-35 Theses

Brothers and Sisters, grace to you and peace from the Triune God. This month’s issue of The Lutheran, a monthly publication of our denomination (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), is set to publish a front page cover article by Charles Austin, called “Get set for clergy retirement wave.” Upon reading the article, we thoughtContinue reading “The Under-35 Theses”