One Coin Found: “Lost”

I want to tell you, beloved, about the lost chapter of the Bible. You’ve probably already found it. It’s one of those secrets hiding in plain sight. You might know the feeling—like everyone who meets you sees you, but doesn’t really see you. You feel like you’re giving every possible signal other than tattooing itContinue reading “One Coin Found: “Lost””

Book Excerpt for Father’s Day: Chapter Nine, “Wide”

I miss my father. Not the man that died three years ago, two months shy of his eighty-eighth birthday, a few weeks past my parents’ thirty-third wedding anniversary. Not the man whose slow physical decline compromised in turns his body, his mind, and his heart. Not the man whose prescriptions increased while his world decreased.Continue reading “Book Excerpt for Father’s Day: Chapter Nine, “Wide””

A preliminary excerpt: “Good Because It’s True”

This is a short excerpt from the very preliminary draft of my book (!!!), One Coin Found, where I tell my story of falling in love with Scripture as a story written for the outcast. This is from chapter two, “Good Because It’s True,” a reflection on Holy Week and coming out. A content warning: as thisContinue reading “A preliminary excerpt: “Good Because It’s True””