Podcast Appearances

3rd Tuesday Conversation, “Episode 18: Are You an Ally That Helps or Hurts? with Emmy Kegler,” January 21, 2020
The 3TC team talks with Rev. Emmy Kegler about her book, “One Coin Found: How God’s Love Stretches to the Margins” and gains valuable inspiration about what it looks like to be an ally in ministry for the LGBTQIA community.

A People’s Theology, “Emmy Kegler: Theology from the Margins,” December 25, 2019
On this Christmas special, Emmy Kegler talks about her recent book, One Coin Found: How God’s Love Stretches to the Margins. She also chats about her relationship with the Bible and her faith journey.

Sandbox Cooperative, “Episode 94 | One Coin Found“, December 4, 2019
Emmy hopes that through her book, and we hope through this episode, people who have had a broken relationship with the Christian story might have the chance to find something that is liberating, holistic, and healing. Emmy also challenges us to better care for those who have been cast aside through rethinking our understanding of scripture, reminding us that “coins only disappear if the person who is responsible for recognizing their worth fails in their duty.”

Her Story Speaks, “Emmy Kegler Q&A,” December 4, 2019
Emmy was a guest on episode 44 of the Her Story Speaks Podcast where she shared her story growing up as a Queer Christian called to ordained ministry. In this episode we dive into the clobber verses and talk about the Christian response to the LGBTQ community. Emmy answers questions and also shares resources and knowledge to help educate those wrestling with this topic.

Her Story Speaks, “Emmy Kegler,” November 6, 2019

Two Feminists Annotate the Beatified, “Episode 9: St. Paula and Eustochium with Emmy Kegler,” October 27, 2019
Jordan and Luci are two feminists who have finished annotating the Bible and are now sharing the lesser known stories of important women from the life of the church. Join them to hear discussions of history, weird facts, and even some advice for today’s Christian feminists who are trying to pick up where these awesome church mothers left off.

MPR News with Kerri Miller: Women of Faith, “Emmy Kegler,” May 29, 2019
Christians in the LGBTQ community have a fraught relationship with the church. But according to a study by the Marin Foundation, 76 percent who have walked away from their faith say they are open to returning — if things change. The Rev. Emmy Kegler wants to be a beacon for that group. She spoke with Kerri Miller this morning, as part of Miller’s continuing Women of Faith series. Kegler’s new memoir, “One Coin Found”, is a personal, thoughtful, and grace-filled look at what it means to wrestle with one’s faith when that same faith is often an instrument to wound and exclude.

Love Rinse Repeat, “Ep27. One Coin Found, Emmy Kegler,” March 31, 2019
I sat down with Rev Emmy Kegler to talk about her new book One Coin Found: How God’s Love Stretches to the Margins. We discuss her personal journey with Scripture and how it led to this book, what its like to write a book on God and the Bible while showing up each week to minister, the vitality and significance of Jacob wrestling and being wounded by a mysterious man, what it means to be blessed, what it means to carry wounds and scars even after finding wholeness. We also cover Emmy’s artistic style of sermon prep, needing God (or a particular version of God to shut up), and the Queer Grace Community. 

Making Room on the Pew, “Rev. Emmy Kegler is a Seeker of Lost Coins,” March 27, 2019

Altar Guild, “Seuss, Potter, Star Wars, Wizards, Spock,” February 1, 2019
Emmy Kegler returns to the podcast with Derek & Matthew to talk about their shared identity as nerds, the history of nerds, gender roles in nerd stories, meeting Spock at a comic-con, Princess She-Ra toothbrushes, and more.

Queerology, “Emmy Kegler – Not Until You Bless Me – E.39,” March 6, 2018
Rev. Emmy R. Kegler is the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis (gracenempls.org) and the founder and editor of Queer Grace, an encyclopedia of online resources around LGBTQ life and faith (www.queergrace.com). In this episode she sits down with Matthias to talk about her complicated relationship with scripture and fighting for blessing.

A Tiny Revolution with Kevin Garcia, “Episode 25 – Rev. Emmy Kegler is Trying to Convert Me,” April 17, 2017
This week, Rev. Emmy Kegler shares her story towards becoming a Lutheran pastor and subtly tries to convert Kevin to the mainline. It’s honestly such a fun conversation, and there’s some beautiful moments where we talk about communion and the power of religious community. Enjoy!