Community Cross

This meditative coloring cross is designed for congregations whose members are currently physically distanced from each other. Congregation leaders are invited to print this PDF on cardstock and mail (using self-sticking envelopes – no licking, please!) to members at home. (Suggestion: one cross per household plus one for each kid.)

Members are invited to follow the instructions on the back:
1. Color the cross as you like.
2. Display it when you listen to or watch online worship.
3. Bring it with you for the first Sunday we are all physically together again!

This cross is offered free of charge, but if you’d like to show support for the work, you can drop a few dollars in our church PayPal.

Congregations that are actively affirming of LGBTQ+ people are given permission to reprint and use this content when credit is given to Rev. Emmy Kegler. Congregations without an actively affirming policy are invited to ask for permission.