How the Grinch Learned the Magnificat

a Christmas parody to celebrate Luke 1:46-55by Pastor Emmy Kegler There are hundreds of carols we sing every year,filling the season when Christmas draws near.These hymns are familiar and loved very dear,And we sing loud and proud about midnights so clear. But some songs get forgotten in the midst of the season,Songs that have beenContinue reading “How the Grinch Learned the Magnificat”

Cross-Referenced Personality Tests

I have plenty of unusual projects, but one of my favorites is my ever-growing personality test cross-reference project. This is a large database of individuals’ self-submitted personality types — Zodiac, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and of course Hogwarts house. As of March 2020, there are over 2,600 submitted data points, and I’ve aggregated them and color-coded theContinue reading “Cross-Referenced Personality Tests”

At-Home Easter for Families

a collection of suggested and adapted activities, assembled by Pastor Emmy Kegler. PDF download here. Family Meals ~~ SILENT SUNDAY MORNING ~~ Leader Prep: Provide How to Celebrate instructions below.How to Celebrate: 1. Read the following on Saturday night before bed:Tomorrow is Easter Sunday – the day when Jesus’ followers discovered he was not dead, butContinue reading “At-Home Easter for Families”

Community Cross

This meditative coloring cross is designed for congregations whose members are currently physically distanced from each other. Congregation leaders are invited to print this PDF on cardstock and mail (using self-sticking envelopes – no licking, please!) to members at home. (Suggestion: one cross per household plus one for each kid.) Members are invited to followContinue reading “Community Cross”

“You have heard that it was said…”

A responsive proclamation for Matthew 5:21-37 Leader: What have you heard was said about insults?All: We have heard that it was said,Leader: “If you so much as call your fellow believer an idiot, you will go to Hell.”All: But in Christ we say:We speak to each other with respect.We are honest when we have beenContinue reading ““You have heard that it was said…””

My faith makes space for this. I wish it didn’t.

My faith makes space for this. I wish it didn’t. I was seventeen, fresh out of the closet and out of the Assemblies of God, when the problem of unjust suffering was first proposed to me. Our AP Humanities teacher, Ms. Dahlin, had no qualms about running junior and senior high school minds right intoContinue reading “My faith makes space for this. I wish it didn’t.”