How to Ruin the Christmas Pageant

Okay y’all, buckle up for How to Ruin the Christmas Pageant. Mark’s gospel starts with Jesus as a full adult at the shores of the river Jordan. John’s gospel starts with the beginning of the universe, and then goes straight to adult Jesus also. The two birth stories of Jesus are found in Luke 1:26-2:20…
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Book Excerpt for Father’s Day: Chapter Nine, “Wide”

I miss my father. Not the man that died three years ago, two months shy of his eighty-eighth birthday, a few weeks past my parents’ thirty-third wedding anniversary. Not the man whose slow physical decline compromised in turns his body, his mind, and his heart. Not the man whose prescriptions increased while his world decreased.…
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A Sermon Turned Upside Down

On the day of Pentecost it’s best for us to stay inside No one among the disciples could believe that the gospel is for everyone. It might shock us to hear, but the message of God’s love is only for a select group. Never would the disciples say that the spirit of God would be…
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A Mother’s Day Litany

We remember the mothers of our faith, the bearers of God’s story. We remember Eve, Naomi, the wife of Job, and Mary the mother of Jesus: women who buried their children, lives lost unbearably early. We mourn with you. May the God who mothers each of us be a source of life for you. We…
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A preliminary excerpt: “Good Because It’s True”

This is a short excerpt from the very preliminary draft of my book (!!!), One Coin Found, where I tell my story of falling in love with Scripture as a story written for the outcast. This is from chapter two, “Good Because It’s True,” a reflection on Holy Week and coming out. A content warning: as this…
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Room for Interpretation

The Story I was remembering the poster my youth minister had in her office when I was growing up — multiple images of Jesus, with text that stated: “Welcome to a place that believes there’s still room for interpretation.” I’d always been fascinated by that poster, and now, twenty years later, I wanted a copy of…
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Sketchy Preaching: Craft of Preaching Workshop

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